Ineos Bio announces operational progress at Florida plant

By Ineos Bio | December 09, 2013

Ineos Bio has provided an update on the operations at its Indian River BioEnergy Center. "INEOS Bio’s Vero Beach facility has made significant operational progress and we are steadily moving towards stable operations in 2014 with a focus on improving performance metrics throughout next year," said David King, site director. "Bringing the facility on-line andup to capacity has taken longer than planned due to several unexpected start-up issues at the center. These efforts have highlighted some needed modifications and upgrades." King continued, “In the upcoming months we will focus on implementing these upgrades at the Center as we look to continue to build its onstream performance and reliability. We believe that performance at the facility to date has shown that, once these modifications are successfully implemented, INEOS Bio’s technology can meet and over time exceed the design technology performance metrics.

Concluded King, “This is new technology, but we have learned a lot and made great progress over the last year. We will continue to apply what we’ve learned towards achieving the full performance of the technology to fulfill, or even exceed, our goals and expectations. The efforts moving forward will continue to focus on safe operations, optimizing the technology, and de-bottlenecking the plant to achieve full production capacity.”

The BioEnergy Center is a joint venture commercial demonstration project between Ineos Bio and New Planet Energy. At full capacity, it will have an annual output of 8 million gallons (24kta) of cellulosic ethanol and 6 megawatts (gross) of renewable power.