Webinar examines benefits of corn oil extraction

By Staff | December 20, 2013

A webinar hosted by Ethanol Producer Magazine in mid-November addressed corn oil extraction from the viewpoint of animal nutrition, corn oil markets, its financial impact on ethanol plants, and taking the technology to the next level to achieve greater coproduct diversification. 

During the event, Warren Barnes, co-owner of Cereal Process Technologies LLC, said that a plant that adds dry fractionation can produce multiple coproduct streams, including a higher-quality starch stream, corn oil, fiber for cellulosic ethanol and higher-quality feed. 

He said CPT has been analyzing a double biofuel model of production, which the company believes is the best path forward for the ethanol industry. Via fractionation, an ethanol plant can produce the same volume of ethanol from degermed, debranned, corn, plus high-protein distillers grains that can be sold at a premium price. The corn oil can be used as feedstock to produce biodiesel at a co-located plant. Biodiesel sells today for approximately $4 per gallon, he said, nearly twice the price that ethanol plants can produce crude corn oil. 

Additional webinar spearkers included Harold Tilstra, manager, technical support, DDGS Marketing, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC; Joseph Riley, general manager, FEC Solutions; and Paula Emberland, benchmarking business analyst, Christianson and Associates PLLP.