DSM, Dong Energy demonstrate improved yields

By Staff | January 28, 2014

Royal DSM and Dong Energy have demonstrated the combined fermentation of C6 and C5 sugars from wheat straw on a commercial scale. The combined fermentation resulted in a significant increase in ethanol yield per ton of straw. 

The demonstration took place at Dong Energy’s Inbicon demonstration plant in Kalundborg, Denmark. The facility was reconstructed in 2013 to enable the mixed fermentation of C6 and C5 sugars. A two-month test demonstrated that mixed C6 and C5 fermentation using DSM’s advanced yeast yielded 40 percent more ethanol per ton of straw than traditional C6 fermentation. 

"In this test the mixed fermentation of C6 and C5 sugars has been proven on a 270,000 liter industrial scale with a similar yield as obtained on a 1 liter laboratory scale. This is an impressive scale-up and it improves the possibilities of deployment of the Inbicon technology in combination with advanced yeast from DSM,” said Jan Larsen, head of research and development at Inbicon.