Report: Biofuels, vehicle efficiency necessary for Europe to meet GHG reduction goals

By Staff | January 28, 2014

A report published by consulting firm E4tech shows that biofuels and vehicle efficiency will be essential in helping the European transportation sector reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet decarbonization targets. 

It provides details on what could be achieved in terms of a sustainable biofuels supply and how those biofuels could be integrated into the vehicle fleet. The study estimates that biofuels could deliver a 12 to 15 percent energy contribution to transportation fuel by 2030, resulting in an 8 percent reduction in GHG emissions. The report also predicts that advanced biofuels could grow to comprise at least 20 percent of the biofuels market by 2030, with potential even greater in later years. 

The report, titled “A Harmonized Auto-fuel Biofuel Roadmap for the EU to 2030,” was commissioned by a consortium consisting of Daimler, Honda, Neste, OMV, Shell and Volkswagen.