GTL announces NexGen Frac technology

By Staff | February 18, 2014

A new fractionation technology is designed to solve starch loss and coproduct purity problems associated with current standalone dry fractionation technologies without presenting the complexity and cost of whole kernel wet milling. The technology, known as NextGen Frac, is under development though a collaboration of GTL Resources USA Inc. and Quality Technology International Inc.’s subsidiary QTI-AMG LLC. 

"We believe that the NextGen Frac process will be a game changer in the corn biorefining space by substantially improving coproduct values, reducing ethanol production costs, and opening up the potential in corn biorefining to produce next generation biochemicals and biofuels from differentiated corn fractions," stated Richard Ruebe, CEO of GTL and Illinois River Energy LLC. 

According to GTL, the NexGen Frac process produces a more pure starch; Glutenol, a high-protein distillers grain; NeutraGerm, a high-oil corn germ product; and ProBran, a new animal feed coproduct made from the separated corn bran and surplus condensed distillers solubles.