Aemetis announces $3 million CEC grant for sorghum project

By Aemetis Inc. | July 23, 2014

Aemetis Inc. has announced that the company received a $3 million matching grant award from the California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. This award comes as a result of the company’s “Low-Carbon Sorghum Ethanol Project” application to the “Pilot-Scale and Commercial-Scale Advanced Biofuels Production Facilities” grant solicitation (PON-13-609) released by the CEC earlier this year.

The project’s goals are to support the production of biofuels using grain sorghum as a feedstock, reduce the carbon intensity (CI) of Aemetis’ fuel ethanol, help develop a local California sorghum growing program and related supply chain, and to support new technologies that support lower CI transportation fuels.

In 2013, Aemetis processed more than 84 million pounds of grain sorghum into ethanol at its 60 million gallon per year Keyes, California, biorefinery.  In August 2013, Aemetis was approved by the U.S EPA for the issuance of D5 Advanced Biofuels RIN’s for ethanol produced from grain sorghum and biogas using the combined-heat-and-power (CHP) system that is already operational at the Keyes plant.

“Aemetis is pleased to be working with the CEC to expand the use of lower-carbon, advanced feedstocks for biofuel production,” said Andy Foster, president of Aemetis Advanced Fuels, a subsidiary of Aemetis Inc.  “This funding supports our use of grain sorghum as a key feedstock, lowers the CI for our sorghum-based ethanol, and encourages the expansion of a California-based growing program.”

Funding is contingent upon approval of the project at a business meeting of the CEC, and execution of a grant agreement.