Dynamic Recycling breaks ground on Tennessee plant

By Dynamic Recycling LLC | August 29, 2014

Dynamic Recycling LLC is excited to announce they have broken ground on their new Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, Tennessee. With the new plant will give the company added capacity for their environmentally friendly, economical, and safe destruction and recycling services for the beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The new facility is on track to be operable in early 2015, and will create 30 jobs in Bristol.

With the aim of going green in today’s society, many businesses are beginning to focus their efforts on recycling in an economically efficient manner. “This new plant will provide a safe and environmentally friendly service for our customers, while at the same time recycling an out of date site into an economic engine for the local community,” said Ron Potter, president of the company.

Dynamic Recycling will provide numerous benefits for clients who generate ethanol based or sugary unusable or expired products. The company specializes in full beverage recycling and cosmetic recycling services. The packaging materials are recycled and the liquids are used as a feedstock for production of renewable fuel ethanol. “It’s a 100 percent green process for our customers,” states Eric Reinstein, vice president of sales.

Dynamic Recycling will employ ethanol fermentation, distillation, dehydration, and evaporation technologies for the process. “Basically, we distill the alcohol and then the water,” says Larry Moore, plant manager. “The ethanol goes for fuel use and the distilled water goes to the city sewer where it actually benefits them as well.”