USGC video: Why ethanol exports are vital to U.S. producers

By U.S. Grains Council | November 26, 2014

The U.S. Grains Council has partnered with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, Growth Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association to assess how best to promote ethanol exports as part of overseas market development efforts.

Already this year, the Council and its partners have completed two market assessment missions to help plan future work in this area. The first mission, to Japan and Korea, took place last month, while the second was recently completed in Peru and Panama.  

Alex Marquis of Marquis Energy LLC traveled with the Council on the Peru and Panama mission and explains in this clip why the United States exploring ethanol exports is important to him and his company.

“In terms of the bottom line, exports are greatly significant because the U.S. ethanol industry is able to capture a greater margin in gallons exported than gallons sold within the country,” he said. “Marquis Energy is definitely invested in pursuing relationships and connections in potential overseas markets as a company and also for the industry as a whole.”

The Council, RFA and Growth will travel to Southeast Asia Nov. 30 to Dec. 13 for the final ethanol market assessment mission this year.