Protec Fuel announces opening of E15 station in southern Florida

By Protec Fuel | January 21, 2015

Offering the first E15 in south Florida, North Miami's Caraf Oil at 13705 NW 7th Ave. held a kickoff event with substantial discounts on 88-octane E15 and E85 ethanol fuels on Jan. 21. E15 can run in any 2001 and newer gasoline engine and costs less than regular gas.

The event also featured company officials, dignitaries, and free refreshments. 

Protec Fuel, based in Boca Raton, managed the ethanol blends installations and helps provide ethanol for the location's new cleaner-burning fuels. "We are excited to help introduce American-made ethanol into the fuel pool through E15 in our home state and city," said Todd Garner, CEO of Protec. "With its higher performance at 88-octane, and environmental benefits, it just makes sense."

"We wanted to be the first in South Florida to offer E15, since we have had success with customers with E85,” said Edwin Flores, owner of Caraf Oil, North Miami. Caraf also sells E85 at its 1695 NW 119th St. location. "For drivers, it's seamless - you can use E15 or gas if you're driving a 2001 or newer model."

"Clean Cities is all about reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil and we're proud that our region is one of the first in Florida to offer E15," said Christine Heshmati, Southeast Florida Clean Cities coordinator. 

"Today, we welcome E15 in our community," said Frank Caplan, Key Biscayne immediate past mayor.  "This is important because it expands choice, especially a great choice for an efficient, very cost-competitive, clean-burning fuel, one that can serve some three-fourths of the vehicles on the road. It's important because a local business, Protec, is investing in this community." Key Biscayne contributes to Caraf's motoring customers, and is working on sustainability goals, including transition to a green fleet and "green vehicle" driver benefits.

Caraf Oil, 7th Ave in North Miami is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Typically both E15 and E85 sell for less than regular gasoline at its sites.

These openings mark the beginning of a multi-state push of dozens of E15 stations being opened by mid-2015.

E15, a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, is the most widely tested fuel ever sold to consumers.  The ethanol portion of these fuels is 100 percent U.S.-made and supports jobs and keeps our money in local communities. Ethanol burns cleaner and cooler in engines, which helps the performance level of the vehicle.  It also can extend the life of the engine.

E85 is an alternative fuel blend that can be used in over 18.5 million vehicles across the U.S. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 pecent gasoline that can be used in flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs). Visit to see if you have one of the 100+ FFVs on the market. Click here for further E85 station locations. This alternative has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the nation's dependency on foreign petroleum.