Growth Energy announces new partnership with Mycogen Seeds

By Growth Energy | February 26, 2015

Growth Energy has welcomed Mycogen Seeds, the national retail seed company of Dow AgroSciences, as a premiere associate member.

“We applaud Mycogen Seeds for recognizing the role ethanol plays in strengthening American agriculture and for supporting our nation’s homegrown food, feed and fuel solution,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “Ethanol is fueling our future by creating jobs, improving the environment and increasing our nation’s energy independence, while also providing consumers with a choice and savings at the pump. We look forward to collaborating with Mycogen Seeds, a leader in seed innovation.”

A key part of today’s agriculture industry, ethanol production provides a significant market for U.S. corn growers and downstream feed ingredients for the livestock industry. The biofuel product also has helped the energy industry meet requirements of the Clean Air Act.  Mycogen Seeds’ partnership with Growth Energy supports ethanol as a market option vital to corn growers throughout the U.S.

Damon Palmer, marketing director for Dow AgroSciences’ U.S. seed business, commended the partnership. “Our support of Growth Energy will help promote the importance of a strong ethanol industry for U.S. farmers. It’s about partnering with others in the Agriculture industry to develop markets for today and the future.”