Wisconsin ethanol plant will install Fluid Quip system

By Holly Jessen | May 13, 2015

Fluid Quip Process Technologies has announced that United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC, a 58 MMgy corn-ethanol plant, has purchased and will install the company’s trademarked Maximized Stillage Coproducts System. The project is in detailed engineering currently and groundbreaking on the full-scale instillation is expected in early summer, said Michael Franko, vice president of business development for Fluid Quip.

“It’s all about implementing proven technologies as they become available to constantly advance our processes and efficiencies; thereby continually improving for the betterment of our stakeholders,” said Barb Bontrager, general manager of UWGP. The Friesland, Wisconsin, facility previously installed Fluid Quip’s Selective Grind Milling Technology.

The first MSC system has been in full-scale operation for the past five years at Badger State Ethanol, a 57 MMgy ethanol plant located near Monroe, Wisconsin. A second MSC system is currently under construction at an ethanol plant in Brazil, Franko said. The MSC process is designed specifically for recovering protein from stillage at dry grind grain ethanol plants. “The equipment is manufactured by Fluid-Quip Inc. and has been installed in food-grade corn wet mill facilities for many years,” he said.

The patented MSC system produces Still Pro 50, a trademarked 50 percent purity high-value protein coproduct. It trades at parity or above soybean meal, at a $200 to $300 premium to distillers grains. “Over the last 5 years we have seen a great growth in the market for the product,” he said, adding that there have been good results in the poultry, aquiculture and pet food markets. “The main feature is the amino acid profile based on a nice blend of corn gluten meal and brewer’s yeast,” he said.  “Also, this product does not see high temperatures in separation and is gently dried, so the digestibility is very good and the protein is not denatured.”

A plant with the MSC system installed can expect to produce, per bushel of corn, about 11.5 pounds of distillers grains, about 3.5 pounds of Still Pro 50 Protein and 1 pound of corn oil. In comparison, a standard dry grind ethanol plant produces, per bushel, about 16 pounds distillers grains and 0.6 pounds corn oil.

The distillers grains produced contains slightly less protein and fat but still meets export specifications. “We can operate the system so that a plant can give us their desired remaining DDGS pro/fat and we will pull the right amount of protein into the protein product to hit that spec,” Franko said. “We find that we can recover a significant amount of protein and the DDGS can still hit the export pro/fat spec, so no price deduction is taken on the remaining DDGS.”