Former Shell president to speak at National Ethanol Conference

By RFA | October 07, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Renewable Fuels Association announced that the founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, John Hofmeister, will headline next year’s  National Ethanol Conference, which is set to take place Feb. 15–17 in New Orleans. The theme for the NEC will be: “Fueling a High Octane Future.”

Hofmeister is the former president of the Shell Oil Company and authored the book “Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider.” After retiring from Shell in 2008, Hofmeister founded Citizens for Affordable Energy, a public policy education firm that promotes sound energy security solutions for the United States, including a range of affordable energy supplies, efficiency improvements, essential infrastructure, sustainable environmental policies, and public education on energy issues.

During his tenure as President of Shell, Hofmeister launched a groundbreaking outreach program designed to discuss critical global energy challenges. The program included an 18-month, 50-city cross-country tour during which Hofmeister, along with 250 other Shell executives, met with more than 15,000 business, community and civic leaders, policymakers, and academics to discuss what must be done to ensure affordable, available energy for the future.

Hofmeister serves on the boards of Fuel Freedom Foundation; the National Energy Security Council; the Foreign Policy Association; Strategic Partners, LLC; and the Gas Technology Institute.

Bob Dinneen, RFA President and CEO, said he was delighted to have Hofmeister headlining next year’s NEC and praised him for his extensive work in pursuing policy solutions that ensure energy is not only affordable, but is also clean and secure.

“John Hofmeister is an innovative and energetic leader on issues surrounding energy security,” said Dinneen. “As a former oil company executive, he not only possesses an insider’s understanding about how the oil industry actually operates but, because of his background, when he speaks he does so with a very credible and authentic voice. Hofmeister is the perfect choice for next year’s NEC because he wholeheartedly believes that the key to providing consumers with clean, affordable, and secure sources of energy is to implement policies that promote diversity in our energy supply.”