Corn crush for ethanol down 4% in September, DDGS down 3%

By Susanne Retka Schill | November 06, 2015

The corn crush for fuel ethanol, at 427.5 million bushels in September was down 4 percent from August and 5 percent from July, according to the Nov. 2 Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production report from USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service. Corn consumed in September 2015 for dry milling fuel production and wet milling fuel production was 89.8 percent and 10.2 percent respectively.

The survey-based report found total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 478.6 million bushels in September, also down 4 percent from August and down 4 percent from July. September usage included 91.2 percent for alcohol and 8.8 percent for other purposes. Corn for beverage alcohol totaled 3.48 million bushels, up 11 percent from August and up 31 percent from July.

Dry mill co-product production of DDGS was 1.91 million tons during September, down 3 percent from August and down 5 percent from July. Distillers wet grains (65 percent or more moisture) was 1.17 million tons in September, up 1 percent from August and up 2 percent from July.

Dry mill corn oil production came to 117,622 tons in September, compared to 121,810 in August. Condensed distillers solubles (syrup) total 156,900 tons in September, 700 tons higher than August. Distillers dried grains totaled 420,500 tons and modified wet totaled 369,200 tons.

Wet mill corn gluten feed production was 312.5 thousand tons during September, down 9 percent from August and down 6 percent from July. Wet corn gluten feed 40 to 60 percent moisture was 286.6 thousand tons in September, down 1 percent from August and down 9 percent from July.

Dry and wet mill carbon dioxide capture came to 210,600 tons in September.