Tradition celebrates the launch of new environmental markets hub

By Tradition | January 29, 2016

Tradition, one of the world’s largest interdealer brokers in commodity and financial products, is pleased to announce the launch of Tradition Green, a business hub that brings together all environmental products brokered by Tradition under one brand.

Tradition Green will offer brokerage services in a range of environmental markets, including biofuels, CO2 allowances, U.S. regional emissions programs and renewable energy certificates, and is expanding its services to include brokerage of biomass, including wood chips and wood pellets. It will also offer execution services under the newly launched wood pellets contract on the Paris-based Euronext Exchange.

In addition to brokerage services, Tradition Green will also offer specialist consultancy services within the environmental markets, and project finance for new renewable energy projects in Europe in co-ordination with its London-based affiliate, AllMerus Energy.

Tradition Green has been established to provide client focused services under a broad umbrella, coordinating expertise from the established businesses, and introducing fresh opportunities to clients in the form of new products.