Whitefox Technologies, Pine Lake Corn Processors sign agreement

By Whitefox Technologies Ltd. | February 16, 2016

Whitefox Technologies Ltd., the clean fuel membrane specialist, recently announced at the National Ethanol Conference in New Orleans, that it has signed an agreement with Iowa-based Pine Lake Corn Processors to install the first Whitefox ICE Solution in the Midwest.   PLCP operates a 30 MMgy ethanol plant in Steamboat Rock, Iowa. Whitefox’s technology reduces energy consumption, increases production efficiencies and contributes to the production of low-carbon ethanol.

PLCP CEO James Broghammer stated, “We are very pleased to be collaborating with Whitefox and to be the first in the Midwest, the heartland of U.S. ethanol, to improve Pine Lake Corn Processors’ ethanol production efficiency.  Our objective is to reduce the consumption of water, energy and emissions in the production of ethanol while increasing our ethanol output, helping to further improve our profitability. Whitefox’s technology is enabling us to more effectively reach PLCP’s goal.”

Whitefox’s CEO Gillian Harrison stated, “We are delighted that Pine Lake Corn Processors chose the Whitefox ICE solution to provide PLCP with the ability to produce ethanol to the highest market standards in the most energy and water efficient way. This will be the second installation of our ICE technology in the U.S. We are pleased to be helping to improve the overall efficiency of U.S. ethanol production.” 

The global market for renewable energy in general is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Increasing the proportion of renewable fuel for transport will play an important role in reducing emissions from the transport sector. Minimizing waste and the impact on the environment and increasing operational efficiency will be key to the growth of the ethanol sector. Whitefox’s innovative technology enables the efficient production of various grades of ethanol including fuel and industrial in a single continuous step and has been successfully used by ethanol producers across various sectors.

The agreement follows last week’s announcement in relation to the installation of the Whitefox ICE solution at the Pacific Ethanol plant in Madera, California, and reflects the move by U.S. producers to improve the overall efficiency of production.