Indiana funding supports deployment of 45 blender pumps

By Erin Voegele | April 26, 2016

On April 25, the Indiana Office of Development and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council awarded more than $789,000 to fuel retailer Family Express under the Hoosier Homegrown Fuels Blender Pump Program, supporting the deployment of 45 blender pumps throughout eight counties.

Information released by the Renewable Fuels Association indicates 34 of the stations already offer E85 and will be adding E15. Three stations will be brand new and also offer E15 and E85.

The goal of the HHF program is to expand the availability of higher ethanol blends in areas of the state where blends of E15-E85 are limited or not available. It is jointly funded by the USDA’s Farm Services Agency and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council. This is the second round of grant announcements under the HHF program.

“Recipients of the Hoosier Homegrown Fuels grant program, including Family Express, are looking to the future,” said OED Director Tristan Vance. “They realize that alternative fuels can be included as part of the energy portfolio for Indiana consumers, and we are excited to partner with them through this grant opportunity."

"Family Express, 2015 Chain of the Year, has been a leader in offering ethanol-blended fuel options to their customers for years and this announcement demonstrates their commitment to providing Indiana consumers with choices at the pump,” said David Gottbrath, Indiana Corn Marketing Council president and farmer from Washington County." 

“We are pleased that Family Express has been able to take advantage of the Hoosier Homegrown Fuels Blender Pump Program and grow its offerings of higher ethanol blends,” said Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen. “More blender pumps mean greater consumer access for ethanol blends, bringing about higher octane fuels and lower gasoline prices. We look forward to more stations offering fuels such as E15 in the near future.”