Coming Together for a Thriving Low-Carbon Economy

The Global Scene columnist in the November EPM describes Renewable Industries Canada's plans for an interactive forum to foster measurable actions for the transition to a biobased economy.
By Andrea Kent | October 14, 2016

Government commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fighting climate change is at an all-time high.Then why has Canadian biofuel production been dropping?  There is no other way to reach emission targets without taking greenhouse gases out of the transportation sector sooner, rather than later. Biofuels are the best pathway to achieve this, paving the way to a growing array of biobased products.

This is why we at Renewable Industries Canada (RICanada) are hosting the first Renewable Industries Forum. Canada’s premier renewable and bioeconomy event, the forum will bring together government, industry and academic experts, as well as students, to address challenges and opportunities of the renewable and biobased sectors.

The forum’s program builds on our past decade of annual conferences. It is more dynamic, progressive and policy-orientated. Rather than a conference that mainly delivers information to its audience, the forum is designed to engage participants in critical and lively discussions that will lead to measurable action on transitioning to a thriving low-carbon economy.

The only national voice for Canada’s renewable fuels and bio-based products industries, RICanada’s 32-year history has built and maintained relationships with the most passionate, knowledgeable and influential members in the innovative world of renewable fuels, biobased products and clean technology. The Renewable Industries Forum will bring these groups together to discuss growing from biofuels to the bioeconomy and beyond. Students are also encouraged to participate to ask critical questions and to add refreshing ideas on how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment while boosting the economy.

Focusing on advanced biofuels and policy programs will support greater research, development and commercialization of renewable and biobased industrial products. We will also discuss marketing the green economy. This is of utmost importance. Our messages won’t be heard if we don’t unite and utilize our collective voice. Misinformation surrounding renewable fuels and biobased products continues to circulate, and we face stiff competition from other sectors as governments look for ways to reduce GHG emissions. 

I can’t think of a better time for the Renewable Industries Forum to take place. Canada’s ethanol producers have shown that growing beyond biofuels is not only possible, it’s essential. By coming together, the renewable fuels and biobased products sectors will take action that will continue to grow the bioeconomy, help governments reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and benefit all Canadians for years to come. 

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Author: Andrea Kent
President, Renewable Industries Canada
[email protected]