Webinars planned to train the trainers for ethanol emergencies

By Staff Report | March 15, 2017

Three train the trainer webinars, hosted by the Renewable Fuels Association and Transcaer, aimed at ethanol producers and their emergency response teams have been scheduled for April, June and August. Professional hazmat trainer Joel Hendelman will teach individuals how to train others in ethanol emergency response tactics and procedures.

 “Train the Trainer” is a pay-it-forward type of program. A single webinar can train a group of individuals who can then turn around and pass that information forward, equipping entire communities with the knowledge necessary to respond to any potential ethanol-related emergency.

The webinar is open to all individuals interested in learning how to teach ethanol emergency response, but will be tailored toward ethanol production facility employees, ethanol safety professionals, railroad safety professionals, emergency responders, firefighters, police officers, emergency management professionals, etc.

“We know that ethanol plant managers are always looking for worth-while training events for their emergency response teams,” said RFA’s technical services manager Missy Ruff, in the webinar announcement.  “RFA’s Train the Trainer program offers a unique look at how to clearly convey emergency response tactics to others.”  

The free, two-hour webinars are scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. central time, on three dates:  Tuesday, April 11, Wednesday, June 14, and Wednesday, August 2. Registration is required. Individuals interested in registering for the webinar can visit www.rfa.traincaster.com.