QuikTrip to expand E15 availability in Dallas-Fort Worth

By Growth Energy | March 29, 2017

QuikTrip, the Oklahoma-based chain of convenience stores, has joined major retailers selling E15 by announcing it will sell the fuel at 44 of its locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in Texas. 

QuikTrip joins, Family Express, Kum & Go, MAPCO, Minnoco, Murphy USA, Protec Fuels, RaceTrac, Sheetz, and Thorntons in offering their customers expanded fuel choices at the pump.  Approved for use in all vehicles 2001 and newer, E15 is a high-octane fuel that burns cleaner and cooler than traditional gasoline, giving consumers improved vehicle performance and savings of up to 10 cents per gallon, while contributing to a greener environment. 

“We are pleased to have QuikTrip join our retailer family and look forward to expanding access to clean-burning, homegrown E15 with them,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “QuikTrip is clearly committed to providing exceptional value for its customers at the pump. E15 is a high-performance fuel that has higher octane and burns cooler, providing better engine performance, and saving consumers money. Thanks to QuikTrip, drivers in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area will now be able to make the smart choice for E15.” 

To find their nearest E15 station, Dallas-Fort Worth residents should go to GetEthanol.com.