Crappie Masters disputes anti-ethanol claims made by BoatUS

By Erin Voegele | May 18, 2017

On May 16, the Boat Owners Association of the U.S. (BoatUS) issued a press release criticizing a new Renewable Fuels Association ad campaign focused on the use of E10 fuels in boats. Crappie Masters has since spoken out to dispute claims made by BoatUS.

In its release, BoatUS said it conducted a survey finding 91 percent of boaters prefer to use nonethanol fuels and criticized pro-E10 statements made by the National Boat Racing Association and Crappie Masters due to their relationship with the RFA.

Mike Vallentine, president of Crappie Masters, responded to BoatUS’s claims in a statement supplied by the RFA. In his statement, Vallentine said the press release issued by BoatUS “falls ridiculously far from the facts and the truth regarding E10 fuel in marine engines.”

Vallentine noted that any survey can be skewed to fit an agenda. Regarding claims of lower fuel economy, he stressed that any loss in miles per gallon through the use of E10 is minuscule and noted that consumers also reap the benefits associated with lower fuel costs.

In its release, BoatUS questioned the role of RFA’s sponsorship in Crappie Masters support of E10. According to Vallentine, the “RFA is a first year sponsor of Crappie Masters, but not the anglers who have spoken volumes in support of E10 in their motors.” He also noted that Crappy Masters began a bonus program nearly three years ago, long before RFA’s sponsorship, that offers additional winnings for teams that use E10 in their motors. To date, every winning team has collected that E10 bonus, he said, with no reported engine issues. “We know that to be fact, as all winning teams are subjected to a post-tournament polygraph test,” he said.

Vallentine also stated that bas gasoline ingredients, rather than ethanol, cause waster phase separation, and stressed that regulator maintenance is key with any engine, no matter what fuel is used.

“Crappie Masters is a proud supporter and believer in E10 fuel, as well as a proud supporter of America's farmers, and believes fuel grown at home is the best option for everyone,” Vallentine said. “Scientific data shows that. Find out the true facts before believing propaganda from groups with ulterior motives.”