Ringneck Energy in South Dakota sets construction start date

By Haley Olson | August 03, 2017

Ringneck Energy plans to start construction Aug. 14 on an 80 MMgy plant in Onida, South Dakota.

The $137 million plant faced multiple delays in permit acquisition, the equity drive and attracting investors. Walt Wendland, president and CEO of Ringneck Energy, says the plant has 185 investors.

“Even though ethanol plants have profit, there is still uncertainty,” Wendland said. “South Dakota has had some unsuccessful value-added projects which make them more apprehensive.”

But Wendland said the delays also proved advantageous. “We will see process improvement. Our plant will be more efficient and more profitable because we will have these improvements.”

Ringneck Energy’s central South Dakota location and available rail access will be useful in marketing to the West Coast, according to Wendland. The plant has a capacity of 100 MMgy and could increase if the market is favorable, Wendland said.