The Way I See IT

We should all be urging our congressional reps to support RFS
By Mike Bryan | July 01, 2002
Over the years there have been various legislative initiatives adopted to help support the ethanol industry. The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), now being considered in conference, is perhaps one of the first pieces of legislation actually designed to truly grow the industry on a national level. It goes beyond just growing the industry, it speaks, for the first time, to a real change in priorities for America. It also represents a major shift in our national energy strategy.

It would be a real mistake for any of us to think the RFS is a legislative slam-dunk. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This important piece of legislation needs our support in order to have a fighting chance of being adopted. As most of you know, it is often in conference committee that much of the horse-trading goes on so now is the time to act.

On page 30 of this issue we have included a list of the Conference Committee members. We encourage you to review the list and express your support of the RFS to any of these members who happen to be from your state, and please do so right away.

There will be many of you who do not have a Committee member from your state. Don't let that deter you from acting, because even if the language is adopted in conference, it still has to go to both floors for a final vote. It would be a shame to win in conference and lose on the floor because we did not secure the necessary votes. We strongly encourage you to contact your Congressional representatives and tell them how important the RFS package is.

Draft a letter, mail a post card, write an email, send a fax, whatever means you have of reaching your Congressional members right away. Should you need some guidance you can contact the Renewable Fuels Association through their website at While I understand you are all busy, decide to dedicate 30 minutes to the future of your industry. Please take action today.

Mike Bryan
President, BBI International
[email protected]