Gevo adopts DSM’s eBOOST yeast for ethanol

By Gevo Inc. | June 27, 2018

Gevo Inc. announced June 27 that it has adopted Royal DSM’s new eBOOST yeast at its production facility in Luverne, Minnesota, for the enhanced production of ethanol.  eBOOST offers improved yields and enhanced profitability.

“We were pleased to have worked with Royal DSM to trial its eBOOST solution as part of its commercialization phase. We liked the results we saw, so we are adopting eBOOST going forward for the production of ethanol. While we are continuing to aggregate demand for isobutanol, jet fuel, and isooctane with a view to building out large capacity for those products, ethanol production is the key to driving profitability in the near term. We can see the path to profitability. Adopting technologies such as eBOOST is one of the steps on that path. We look forward to continued work with Royal DSM,” said Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo.