Alltech planning to build biorefinery in Springfield

By | July 01, 2002
Alltech Inc., a Nicholasville, Ky.-based biotechnology company, has opened a new production and research center in Springfield, Ky., and plans to eventually build a biorefinery capable of producing a number of products from natural resources. The facility would be used to process corn, wheat and other grains into soy-based diesel and ethanol.

"Implementing the biorefinery concept would put Kentucky at the forefront of a new era of agriculture-based technology that ensure a future for many in the agriculture industry," Alltech president Pearse Lyons, said. "We are committed to bringing this concept to reality for the benefit of the state's farmers and economy."

Alltech announces exclusive relationship with Ingledew
In other Alltech company news, the company announced this month that it has forged an exclusive relationship with renowned research scientist, and consultant to the ethanol industry, Dr. Mike Ingledew, of the University of Saskatchewan. Ingledew will oversee numerous research areas for Alltech and provide technical support to the company, according to a company statement released in mid-July.