Harris Group gets biomass ethanol work with NREL

By | July 01, 2002
Consulting engineering firm Harris Group Inc. has signed a two-year contract with U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to provide process development engineering for its biomass ethanol program. The project's goal is to optimize the process for turning biomass - agricultural residue, wood waste, and even municipal solid waste - into ethanol.

The two-year contract asks Harris Group to provide objective analysis and creative input on NREL's biomass ethanol process. According to Carol Babb, vice president of Harris Group's process development team, the possibilities for biomass conversion to ethanol are extensive.

NREL's Kelly Ibsen, process engineering team leader, said Harris Group was selected based on several criteria including its experience with equipment testing and selection for biomass conversion and emission issues. "NREL is pleased to be working with Harris Group. They have a demonstrated track record in providing objective and industry-proven ideas that improve the commercial viability of our biomass conversion process designs."