Bosselman Enterprises introduces Boss Fuel brand

By Matt Thompson | January 02, 2019

Bosselman Enterprises has launched Boss Fuel, its own brand of gasoline, which is available at some of its Pump & Pantry locations in Nebraska.

Brandon Beck, senior strategic marketing director for Bosselman Enterprises, says the branding effort “represents a belief in providing consumers with superior fuel through special care and treatment of our products and our equipment.”

The rebranding has been launched at 21 of Bosselman’s 45 Pump & Pantry stores, and Beck says the company plans to continue expanding it to the remaining locations during the first half of 2019. “The brand … represents a belief and an approach on fuel in general. And so even though we’re not branded at the 24 locations that I mentioned coming in 2019, we’re still implementing those practices at those locations,” he said.

The brand is also a way to get consumers more comfortable with using E15, which Beck says, has so far been a success. “I don’t have any sales data to provide you right now from an adoption rate perspective, but I think the anecdotal feedback that I’ve heard thus far is we’re seeing more people choose Super Unleaded 88 at the pump than we had previously at some of those … blender locations.”

Beck said that several years ago, Pump & Pantry made the switch from using Sinclair-branded fuel, to unbranded fuel, and selling it under the Pump and Pantry generic label. During that time, E15 was sold as Clean 88. “And so that was one of the first things that they asked me to do, was to think about how we educate the general public about E15, and how we helped their adoption rate. And I think one of the biggest decisions that we made was changing the name from Clean 88 to Super Unleaded 88,” said Beck, who has been with Bosselman for almost one year. The company settled on Super Unleaded 88 after researching Growth Energy’s efforts to brand E15 as Unleaded 88. “I think retailers … have to understand our audience, and we have to speak a language [consumers are] speaking, and thus the reason we made the slight change to that product naming,” he said.

Along with the branding, Beck says Bosselman spent time considering how consumers select their fuels. “What we tried to do is really help people with the color-coding system. Utilizing yellow for E85. I think that’s the industry-known color coding. … And then we’ve tried to really position our blended products with a blue color code, and then our clear products with a black color code.” That coding has helped customers who may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Some Pump & Pantry offer up to five choices, including E30 and E85.

And Beck said that consumers’ decision making process is changing. “I think what we’ve seen, and part of people challenging or asking more questions, is a change in their consideration. They’re seeing two products that are being treated equally. They’re seeing that they can use these products in their vehicle and ultimately that’s now leading to a different consideration set than they previously had,” he said.

Bosselman recently celebrated re-openings at two of its Pump & Pantry locations, where E15 was offered for $1.88 per gallon, and E85 was sold for 85 cents per gallon. Beck said along with updating the Boss Fuels website and continuing a pump topper campaign, “We’ll continue to do things like [re-openings] to help educate the general public on them.”