OPINION: E15 expansion

By Mike O'Brien | May 02, 2019

Growth Energy joined renewable fuel leaders at Royal Farms outside of Washington, D.C., to celebrate the launch of a sustainability initiative and the grand opening of the latest renewable fuel station in our capital. Royal Farms is now offering E15, as Regular 88, and E85 at their National Harbor store in Maryland, and we are thrilled that DC commuters will have access to cleaner burning E15. In her remarks to the crowd, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor praised the role that retailers like Royal Farms have played in growing the popularity of E15 fuel nationwide.

“At the forefront of this incredible growth are forward-thinking retailers, like Royal Farms and Protec Fuels, that have figured out that Regular 88 is smart business, and consumers who have come to rely on the better value proposition Regular 88 presents," Skor said. "It's a win-win on both ends and that means Regular 88's growth is only going to continue."

Skor was joined at the event by Tom Ruszin (Royal Farms), Richard Fordyce (USDA), Chip Bowling (Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board), and Steve Walk (Protec Fuel).

Author: Mike O'Brien

Growth Energy