Little Sioux Corn Processors to add FQT’s protein technology

By Fluid Quip Technologies | October 02, 2019

Little Sioux Corn Processors announced Sept. 30 it will install Fluid Quip Technologies’ patented Maximized Stillage Co-Products (MSC) system at its Marcus, Iowa, ethanol plant. This will be the seventh installation of this technology, worldwide, and the 3rd installation of the MSC™ system in Iowa. FQT currently has two other MSC installation projects ongoing, at the Flint Hills Resources plant in Shell Rock, Iowa, and at the Green Plains Renewables facility in Shenandoah, Iowa.

The MSC technology allows dry mill ethanol plants to separate 50 percent purity protein from the residual corn fiber, carbohydrates and oils that remain after the ethanol distillation process. The MSC 50 percent protein product trades in the high-value protein feed markets worldwide. 

“We believe in getting the highest value for the corn we grind, the MSC system is a proven way to not only significantly increase our revenue, but also diversify our revenue stream so it is not so heavily weighted on ethanol,” said Steve Roe, general canager at Little Sioux. “We looked at a lot of technology options in the space to improve our plant and we chose FQT because MSC has a proven track record of operating for 10 years and producing a high-quality consistent product across multiple facilities,” he added.

The MSC system also significantly improves distillers’ corn oil yield further improving the bottom line. The Little Sioux MSC project will require the addition of a new process building, a protein dryer, and segregated protein storage and load-out. Engineering has begun and construction is expected to start in spring 2020. 

Roe said, “The plant will remain in full operation during the project’s construction”.

Fluid Quip Process Technologies will provide the MSC technology, separation equipment, process equipment, process engineering, construction oversight, as well as full technology commissioning and startup support for the MSC project. 

FQT has spent years conducting feeding trials and market development work with partners to bring the MSC specialty protein product to the world marketplace. “Only the FQT MSC system produces the high quality differentiated MSC protein product,” said Neal Jakel, partner/strategy and technology for FQT. “The MSC product is consistent across all operating facilities. This is critical in driving up the value to end users; consistency of product across the supply chain and a library of proven feeding trial successes to rely on,” noted Jakel.

“This is an exciting time for the ethanol industry, and more importantly rural communities. The ethanol facilities making the decision to diversify their revenue and broaden the use of corn with our technologies are setting themselves and their shareholders on a path for continued revenue growth. FQT technologies are helping facilities to realize the Bio-refinery concept, bringing economic diversity and stability to farm families and the communities that are the backbone of America,” Jakel added.