Feb. 25 proclaimed ‘Premium E30 Day’ in South Dakota

By Erin Voegele | February 26, 2020

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recently proclaimed Feb. 25 to be “Premium E30 Day.” Members of the South Dakota Farmers Union and Glacial Lakes Energy Cooperative joined together in Pierre, South Dakota, to celebrate the day.

The proclamation notes that the ethanol industry is a critical component of the state’s agricutlural economy, which is turn, is critical to the fiscal health of the South Dakota. In the proclamation, Noem discusses the E30 Challenge that was launched by GLE in Watertown in 2016 and in Aberdeen in 2018 to challenge the conventional wisdom that standard vehicles can only operate on ethanol blends of up to E15. The purpose of the E30 Challenge is to promote higher ethanol blends, improve the state’s air quality and change consumers’ fuel choice to E30 in any vehicle. Since launching E30 Challenge, nearly 4 million gallons of E30 have been sold in the two cities, enough to travel nearly 80 million miles.

In the proclamation, Noem cites the emissions and economic benefits of E30 and notes she is working toward fueling the state fleet with E30 in an effort to further promote South Dakota agriculture “and lead the way for all Americas toward homegrown fuels and a better way of life.”

“The governor’s proclamation helps increase public awareness of E30 as the renewable fuel option that also promotes air quality and public health because it replaces cancerous additives,” said Doug Sombke, president of SDFU. “We appreciate her continued support for higher ethanol blends.”

“I think the governor was right on when she said in her State of the State Address that being from a small state means we can do things other states cannot do,” added Jim Seurer, CEO of GLE. “South Dakota needs to be a leader in our push to increase ethanol consumption through higher blends. We are the leader other states will follow.”