Rutter’s continues operations during crisis

By Matt Thompson | April 01, 2020

As the coronavirus crisis forces people to stay at home, and fuel prices plunge, retail stations remain open and like the rest of the nation, do their best to weather the storm. Chris Hartman, director of fuels forecourt and advertising for Rutter’s, doesn’t mince words when speaking about the effect the pandemic is having on business. “There’s no bright spot when you’re in the middle of a global crisis, like we are now,” he said via email. “However, our goal during tough times is to always come out a better company, and team, on the other side.”

Despite the crisis, Rutter’s continues operations as a critical business. “Our team has worked diligently to continue to operate at the highest possible level,” Hartman said. “We also have great people working at our stores who want to help their communities by providing our products and services. They have done so at an extraordinary level, given the circumstances.”

Rutter’s is a Pennsylvania-based chain, and last year announced the opening of its 10th store offering E15. At the time, Hartman told Ethanol Producer Magazine the company was excited to continue adding E15 to its locations. The current crisis hasn’t changed those plans, Hartman said. “We will continue to build new stores with our many fuel offerings,” he said.

But, he noted, the addition of ethanol hasn’t offered any advantage during the current crisis, as fuel prices continue to decline. GasBuddy reported last week that the national average price for fuel in the U.S. is $1.99.