Iowa provide $100 million in COVID-19 relief to farmers

By Erin Voegele | June 01, 2020

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced on May 29 that the state will provide $100 million in COVID-19 relief for Iowa farmers. She also discussed the impact the pandemic is having on the state’s ethanol producers.

Reynolds made the statements during a May 29 press conference held to discuss how the state intends to use the $1.25 billion in federal funding that was allocated to Iowa through the CARES Act relief fund.

At this time, she said, the state will allocate $700 million of that funding. The remaining $550 million will be held as the state continues to monitor the status of its unemployment trust fund and any additional unforeseen COVID-19 expenses.

Of the $700 million being allocated at this time, Reynolds said $100 million will be used to provide relief for Iowa farmers. “Agriculture is the foundation of our economy and our farmers produce the livestock and grain that is necessary to feed and fuel the nation,” she said, noting that the Iowa’s ethanol industry is currently operating at 70 percent of capacity. “1.35 billion gallons of capacity of is offline, and when Iowa’s agriculture industry is impacted, our state economy is impacted,” Reynolds continued.

A full replay of the press conference is available on the Reynold’s Facebook page