KyCorn partners with Casey’s for E15 and E85 pump conversions

By Kentucky Corn Growers Association | August 28, 2020

Kentucky Corn Growers Association (KyCorn) is facilitating several conversions of the fuel pumps at Casey’s General Store throughout Kentucky to enable offerings of both E15 and E85.

Carrollton and Auburn were the first Casey’s locations in Kentucky to add ethanol to their portfolio of offerings. Last month, the dispensers at Providence, Russellville, and Franklin were converted to offer E15 (branded as Unleaded 88) and E85. A fourth location will be selected for a conversion very soon, to complete round one of the partnership.

Contracts for these enhancements place ethanol fuels at most of the fueling positions at each location and display Unleaded 88 pricing on marquee signage at each location. Once the first round of conversions at Casey’s locations are complete, KyCorn anticipates continuing the partnership for several additional Casey’s locations to be converted, and potentially partnerships with other retailers.

Thorntons already provides an E15 offering (branded as Unleaded 15) at some of their Louisville locations; with additional conversions in consideration, KyCorn would be happy to help.

The move to support pump installation came after KyCorn advocated for a Reid Vapor Pressure waiver in federal regulation to allow year-round sale of E15. Then the association worked with the Kentucky legislature to allow E15 in Kentucky. KyCorn is working with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture on new fuel regulations that will implement the new law to be inclusive of ethanol blends.

“Now that we have amended policy that allows for the sale of E15, it’s time to work with retailers so consumers have this lower-priced, higher-octane option. We have done our homework on these investments and their impact on corn grind,” said Adam Andrews, KyCorn Programs Director.

“Since about 30 percent of American farmers’ corn crop goes to produce ethanol, the Kentucky Corn Promotion Council places a very high priority for getting higher ethanol blends in front of consumers.”