Green Plains, Hayashikane form exclusive partnership

By Green Plains Inc. | October 29, 2020

Green Plains Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Optimal Aquafeed, on Oct. 27 announced the formation of an exclusive partnership with Hayashikane Sangyo of Japan, one of the oldest and most successful integrated aquafeed companies in the world. The companies have come together to deliver innovative solutions for fast-growing global aquaculture markets using technology developed and successfully deployed in Japanese production. These solutions are a perfect complement to Green Plains’ ultra-high protein ingredients produced at its biorefineries.

“Our partnership with Hayashikane is another step in our total transformation strategy to develop value-added ingredients, including the use of our 50 percent and greater ultra-high protein products as a cornerstone feed delivery mechanism to the aquaculture industry. Together, our feed-based solutions will help deliver the healthiest, best tasting fish proteins to consumers everywhere, emphasizing our continued commitment to excellence,” said Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains. “The Hayashikane-Green Plains partnership is an ideal way to accelerate Green Plains’ aggressive expansion in aquaculture as we rapidly transform our company.”

"We believe in the growth potential of aquaculture around the world, especially the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) market in North America. I'm thrilled to have found like-minded partners in Green Plains and Optimal Aquafeed who share this vision,” said Mr. Nakabe, President of Hayashikane Sangyo Co., Ltd. "Hayashikane prides itself to be a leader in the production of delicious, safe and high-quality Japanese farmed fish by using its proprietary technologies. We look forward to combining our unique solutions with those of Green Plains and Optimal Aquafeed, so we can further the sustainable development of aquaculture and the supply of delicious and healthy seafood in North America.”

Worldwide, fish is the most consumed protein on a per capita basis and aquaculture is the fastest growing animal protein production market. Feed is an important input variable in aquaculture production and the partnership between Green Plains and Hayashikane is designed to meet the feed requirements in RAS systems and beyond. The initial phase of the partnership will focus on Optimal Aquafeed’s deployment of proprietary solutions, developed by Hayashikane, to North and Central American markets.

“We believe this partnership could lead to technological breakthroughs that can help establish Green Plains’ Optimal Aquafeed business as a growing leader and important partner in nutritious and innovative aquaculture feed solutions in the US and globally,” added Becker. “These proprietary solutions could help reduce land use, water use and the raw materials it takes to produce nutritious protein for consumers, furthering our growing focus on ESG initiatives. We also look forward to deploying our innovative, ultra-high protein feed ingredients in Japan and adjacent markets through our partnership with Hayashikane.”