Element produces high-protein animal feed using ICM technologies

By ICM Inc. | November 19, 2020

Element LLC, a leading-edge biofuels producer in Colwich, Kansas, announced that it has started production on a yeast-enriched, 50 percent protein animal feed called ANDVantage 50Y. The process utilizes three proprietary technologies from ICM Inc.: patented Selective Milling Technology (SMT), patented Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen (FST Next Gen) and patent-pending Thin Stillage Solids Separation System (TS4).

Element, a joint venture between ICM Inc., and The Andersons Inc., became fully operational in 2019, but recently shifted product mix to begin producing ANDVantage 50Y. This feed product will be marketed by The Andersons. Additional product information can be found on andersonsgrain.com.

FST Next Gen and TS4 are critical differentiators in the production of the high-protein feed. “FST Next Gen separates the fiber before fermentation, and TS4 concentrates protein and yeast after fermentation,” said Chris Mitchell, president of ICM. “In addition to producing a high-quality combination of corn and yeast proteins, these processes deliver higher efficiencies and operational cost savings throughout the production process.”

Production of ANDVantage 50Y is in response to the increasing global demand for high-quality, high-protein feeds. “This feed ingredient produced at Element has a higher protein concentration and lower fiber content than traditional ethanol feed products,” said Ryan Mass, ICM director of animal nutrition and feed development.

“The unique characteristics of ANDVantage 50Y allow it to be used in diets and species in which traditional ethanol feed products were not compatible,” said Scott Tilton, The Andersons food aimal nutritionist and technical advisor.

“Launching the ANDVantage family of products marks a milestone achievement for The Andersons ethanol business and our partnership with ICM in the Element biorefinery. We are delivering on our strategic objective of diversifying revenue streams through innovative products and operational efficiency,” said Jim Pirolli, senior vice president of The Andersons Trade and Processing business group and president of the Element board. He went on to say, “Production of a high-quality fermentation protein allows us to meet our customers’ needs and add to our product offerings.”