IFF to commercialize DSM yeast technology

By IFF | June 03, 2021

IFF’s Health & Biosciences division, a world leader in sustainable biotechnology solutions, announced June 2 that they have entered into an agreement to offer advanced yeasts for first generation ethanol production developed by DSM Bio-based Products & Services. Under the terms of this agreement, DSM’s eBoost product line will immediately become part of IFF’s XCELIS Ethanol Solutions platform and will be offered and supported by IFF’s experienced global commercial team. In addition, IFF’s R&D team will collaborate with DSM scientists to accelerate IFF’s on-going development of high-performance yeast products. By combining the strengths of the companies’ patented and proprietary technologies, IFF’s XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions platform will deliver new yeasts with unparalleled yield, robustness and enzyme expression.

DSM newest yeast, eBoost GTX, is currently undergoing US plant trials. It delivers low glycerol, high ethanol yield and up to 70 percent glucoamylase replacement. IFF will launch eBoost GTX along with other new yeast products during 2021 including SYNERXIA RUBY and SYNERXIA SAPPHIRE.

Atul Thakrar, president of DSM Bio-based Products & Services stated, “We are excited by the potential of this agreement with IFF. By adding our eBoost product line to IFF’s platform, IFF will deliver even more value to ethanol producers thanks to an enhanced yeast technology and portfolio, complementary enzymes, advanced data tools, global supply and regulatory infrastructure and an extensive technical and commercial global field organization. This collaboration is the optimal way to deliver the benefits of our yeast technologies to the broadest group of ethanol producers globally.”

Cindy McCracken, vice president grain processing business, health and biosciences division, IFF stated, “We are ready to serve the needs of new and current customers of both IFF and DSM. As we approach this July’s International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, the team looks forward to supporting the industry with the broadest portfolio of yeast and enzyme products and the technology to drive superior operational and financial performance.”

High yield yeasts and other advancements in the ethanol industry have enabled US producers to increase ethanol yields by 6.5 percent, reduce energy inputs by 24 percent while delivering ever-greater quantities of low carbon biofuels and animal feed. By increasing yields, speeding up fermentation, reducing energy and chemical consumption, IFF’s XCELIS Ethanol Solutions platform is helping ethanol producers meet the challenges of today’s renewable energy market.

DCasper Vroemen, vice president global research and development, health and biosciences division, ‎IFF stated, “Continued development of the best commercial embodiments of our yeast technology has been a key focus of our Grain Processing technology platform. We are delighted to add DSM’s technology to our platform to deliver improvements in fermentation yield with reduced byproduct formation.”