Platte Valley expansion underway

By | March 01, 2006
Platte Valley Fuel Ethanol LLC of Central City, Iowa, is expanding its ethanol production presence in the eastern region of the state. The 40 MMgy plant, using the design/build team of Fagen Inc. and ICM Inc., is in the beginning stages of doubling its capacity, according to Platte Valley Fuel Ethanol General Manager Doug Anderson.

Anderson told EPM the mobilization of equipment, materials and crew began on-site in January. Production is slated for January 2007.
Upon completion of the expansion project, Platte Valley Fuel Ethanol is expecting to actually produce nearly 96 MMgy. According to Anderson, Platte Valley Fuel Ethanol has been permitted to produce up to 100 MMgy.

"We've been very successful here," Anderson said. "We've got a good staff. The plant runs well. We've got a good supply of grain. We just thought it would be a good idea to expand, and we're making a positive impact on the community." The estimated cost of the expansion project is $31 million, Anderson said.

Wichita, Kan.-based United Bio Energy LLC, already contracted to market Platte Valley Fuel Ethanol's current volume of production, is also signed up to market the plant's additional volume. The added distillers grains will continue to be marketed by Performance Plus out of Palmer, Neb., Anderson said.

"Bush wants to spearhead more reliance on renewables, and we're looking forward to that because it's the right thing to do," he said.

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