Corn LP to install ICM technology for high-protein production

By ICM Inc. | December 13, 2021

ICM has signed a contract with Corn LP to install the Advanced Processing Package. APP includes four patented and patent-pending ICM technologies that work together to mechanically separate corn into clean piles of fiber, oil, solubles, protein and enhanced protein with yeast. Producers can combine these components to create different feed products, including PROTOMAX yeast-enriched 50 percent protein animal feed, to reach a variety of markets.

“After evaluating different technology companies on the market, we selected ICM,” said Chris Boshart, general manager of Corn LP. “The Advanced Processing Package™ will give us the flexibility to produce different feeds and maximize high-protein production, as well as improve operational efficiency.”

The APP enhances overall plant efficiency in numerous ways. Front-end fiber separation frees up fermentation capacity. For every bushel of corn that enters the plant, four pounds of fiber will bypass the ethanol process — fermentation, distillation and centrifugation — and proceed directly to the dryer. ICM’s unique approach to high-protein production results in energy savings and lower chemical costs for cleaning and pH adjustments.

The APP also features continuous dewatering through the entire feed production process. This allows rotary dryers to expend less energy and reduce natural gas consumption, while preserving the quality, functionality and digestibility of protein and fiber.

“APP is becoming a crucial economic driver for ethanol producers who want to diversify and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Tom Ranallo, ICM’s vice president of operations. “We’re thrilled that Corn LP will soon be able to capitalize on PROTOMAX and other valuable feed products made possible through ICM technologies.”

“PROTOMAX yeast-enriched 50 percent protein is beneficial to a wide range of animals, from dairy cattle to poultry, swine, fish, and even pets,” said Ryan Mass, ICM’s director of animal nutrition and feed development. “In a recent study conducted in swine at the University of Illinois, PROTOMAX demonstrated better digestibility and improved metabolizable (ME) energy compared to other high-protein feeds in the market and soybean meal. ME is the energy utilized by animals for normal activity and weight gain,” Mass added.

The installation of APP will enable Corn LP to design high-quality feed based on their market's needs and increase ethanol throughput by approximately 10 percent without loss of yield.

Installation will begin in March to allow for high-protein production by the end of 2022.