Fluid Quip Technologies expands patent portfolio

By Fluid Quip Technologies | February 22, 2022

Fluid Quip Technologies, a subsidiary of Green Plains Inc., on Feb. 21 announced it has acquired a robust family of patents from AB Agri. The acquisition of these patents is joined by multiple additional patents that were recently issued to FQT. This patent portfolio expansion further exemplifies the commitment of FQT to develop, acquire and bring to market technologies which further enhance the base biofuels plant.

The purchased AB Agri patents, affords all rights to these patents. In the U.S., Patent Nos. 9,066,531 and 9,963,671 cover patented technologies designed for the efficient separation of protein from whole stillage from the dry-grind ethanol production process. The entire patent family is extensive and encompasses multiple countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and a majority of the EU markets where FQT currently has technology installations. Additionally, the Fluid Quip Technologies’ recently issued patents cover a multitude of FQT’s technologies and extend to the US as well as Brazil and Canada.

“As the leading technology provider to the biofuels industry, we have been focused on both developing and discovering great technologies to enhance the base ethanol facility,” said Neal Jakel, managing director at Fluid Quip Technologies. “Our deep intellectual property portfolio along with the latest issued patents combined with the suite of AB Agri patents, adds incredible breadth to our existing technology portfolio. We are focused on developing great solutions to offer to the industry that further diversify and solidify revenues and are open to working with partners around the world to bring them forward. We are equipped to execute on delivering high quality technology systems to our clients around the world.”