Indiana Senate upholds 2021 veto of E15 labeling bill

By Erin Voegele | March 04, 2022

The Indiana Senate on March 3 voted to uphold Gov. Eric Holcomb’s April 2021 veto of a bill that would have implemented additional labeling requirements for fuel pumps located within the state that sell E15. Growth Energy and Poet have applauded the Senate for its action.

In February 2021, the Indiana Senate voted 46 to 2 in favor of the bill. The Indiana House voted 71 to 23 to pass the legislation the following month, with the state Senate voting 46 to 2 in April to concur to House amendments.

Holcomb vetoed the bill on April 26, 2021. In his message, he called the proposed labeling requirements “unnecessary and confusing.”

If Holcomb would have signed SB 303 into law, the legislation would have required fuel dispensers that offer E15 to display the statement “Attention: E15. Check owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty requirements” next to the fuel grade selection button, as part of, or in addition to, the label currently required by the U.S. EPA.

“I am vetoing SEA 303 due to its requirement of a duplicative label at every pump that dispenses E15 blends of fuel in the state,” Holcomb wrote in his veto message. “The Environmental Protection Agency already mandates that all E15 pumps have a label clearly advising consumers of the possible implications of using the fuel in certain engines. I find this additional layer of government unnecessary and confusing."

Growth Energy applauded the Senate’s vote to uphold Holcomb’s veto. “We are pleased with the Indiana Senate’s support for the governor’s decision to stand with ethanol producers and farmers across Indiana,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “Today, fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol (E15) is offered at more than 2,500 retail locations across 31 states, including 81 in Indiana, and is approved for 96 percent of cars on the road. All E15 fuel dispensers also carry a federal label indicating it is a 15 percent ethanol fuel blend. With oil prices surging amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we continue to support efforts to protect Hoosiers’ access to lower-cost biofuels .”

Poet has also thanked the Senate for its action. "Poet applauds the Indiana Senate for sustaining Governor Holcomb's veto of SB303," said Joshua Shields, senior vice president for Poet. "With skyrocketing gas prices and the need to strengthen America's energy security, E15 is more important than ever before. We thank Governor Holcomb and Indiana legislators who continue to stand up for Hoosier farmers and hardworking families by protecting access to E15."