New grain ethanol plant under development in southern Brazil

By Erin Voegele | June 27, 2022

The government of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state, on June 20 announced an agreement with Brazilian biodiesel producer BSBios for the development of a grain ethanol plant that will process corn, wheat, triticale, rice and sorghum.

BSBios will invest BRL 556 million ($106.43 million) in the project, according to the announcement. The facility will be developed in two phases. The plant will initially have a capacity of 111 MMly (29.32 MMgy), with operations expected to begin in 2024. The second phase of development will boost capacity to 220 MMly. Phase two of the project is expected to be operational in 2027.

The plant will be able to produce both anhydrous ethanol, which is used as a gasoline additive, and hydrous ethanol, which is used as an unblended fuel.

According to the government, the project is expected to create about 140 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs. A full copy of the announcement is available on the government of Rio Grande Do Sul website.