IPSC announces 15-year asset management deal with CE+P

By California Ethanol + Power | August 24, 2022

IHI Power Services Corp., a leading owner and operator of power plants across the U.S., today announced it has deepened its partnership with California Ethanol + Power via a 15-year asset management deal to oversee its forthcoming Sugar Valley Energy campus outside of Brawley, California.

The project is expected to produce approximately 70 million gallons of extremely low-carbon, fuel-grade essential ethanol from locally grown sugarcane; up to 49 MW of baseload electricity produced from biomass; and 737 Mcf of pipeline quality biomethane.

IPSC was originally tapped to support a 15-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contract for the 160-acre ethanol biorefinery, bioelectric generation plant and wastewater treatment facility project back in March of this year. Now, due to its impressive portfolio, proven track record of success and full range of O&M services, CE+P made the strategic decision to add asset management services to IPSC’s project scope.  

“IPSC is dedicated to offering value-added services that ensure power plants and energy generation facilities run safely, reliably and cost-effectively,” said John Keller, chief operating officer at IPSC. “We are proud to be flexing a number of our power facility management capabilities for the new Sugar Valley Energy campus and are eager to continue to deepen this truly aligned partnership with the world-class team at CE+P.”

“Sugar Valley Energy is a part of a multi-billion-dollar wave of new energy investment taking place in California and particularly in the Imperial Valley, adding resilience to our state’s energy portfolio and creating thousands of jobs,” said CE+P President and CEO Dave Rubenstein. “IPSC’s experience, vision and commitment to sourcing employment in the Valley provide significant confidence that Sugar Valley Energy will deliver on its promise for the region.”  

The completed Sugar Valley Energy campus will support an estimated 200 permanent new jobs onsite and in the Imperial County community, as well as hundreds of agriculture-related jobs associated with cultivating sugarcane. Construction of the facility alone is estimated to support more than 9,000 jobs in various trades. The project represents a $1 Billion investment in the Imperial Valley region. 

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, IPSC currently operates more than 40 projects with more than 15,000 MW of generation. As both an owner and operator itself, the firm understands the business and technical concerns of owning, operating and maintaining power plants, and provides an elevated management style that brings deep understanding, experience, insight and perspective to clients. For over three decades, IPSC has operated and managed numerous green technology facilities including solar, wind, pumped storage, energy storage and biomass, among others and is dedicated to maximizing the value of all client assets through its delivery of first-class services.

To learn more, visit: www.ihipower.com.