IRFA announces 2022 compensation report

By Iowa Renewable Fuels Association | November 14, 2022

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association has completed a 2022 Compensation and Benefits Survey. This survey includes data on salaries, insurance, other benefits, from biofuel plants across the country. Companies are able to use this report when setting wages and benefits for employees and directors.

“These days it is more important than ever to stay competitive to retain employees,” said IRFA Marketing Director Lisa Coffelt. “IRFA’s Compensation Survey provides ethanol and biodiesel plants a convenient and cost-effective way to review industry norms and be competitive when setting compensation for plant employees and board members.”

The survey collects data for 23 key biofuels industry benchmark jobs, as well as six board of director related positions. In total, 30 organizations and 60 plants across the United States have already tapped into the valuable resource.

“The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Wage & Benefits Survey provides an independent, third-party evaluation of the industry that helps me as a CEO make sure the salaries and benefits Absolute Energy is offering are in line with other biofuel plants. I have found it to be a useful tool when recruiting new employees and during annual reviews,” said Rick Schwarck, CEO, Absolute Energy.

If interested in acquiring a copy of the 2022 Compensation Report, contact Lisa Coffelt at 515-252-6249 or [email protected].