RFA: Ethanol helps families to gather for Thanksgiving

By Renewable Fuels Association | November 21, 2022

After COVID disrupted holiday plans for millions of Americans in 2020 and 2021, families are looking forward to gathering for Thanksgiving and resuming their pre-pandemic traditions this year. AAA predicts that 54.6 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home for the holiday, approximately 90 percent of them by car. Given that retail gasoline prices hit a record $5 per gallon this summer and current gas prices are $0.30-0.40 per gallon above year-ago levels, travel costs remain a primary concern.

The good news is that ethanol is helping save consumers money this holiday season, as it has been doing all year. In fact, analysis by the Renewable Fuels Association suggests that the presence of ethanol in our nation’s gasoline is expected to save Thanksgiving travelers nearly $140 million on gasoline purchases over the long holiday weekend.  [1]

Based on the most recent monthly data, E10, a 10 percentethanol blend that is prevalent at gas stations nationwide, is saving drivers $0.32 per gallon at the pump. [2] The discount has averaged $0.23 per gallon since January—on pace to reduce Americans’ spending on gasoline by $34 billion, or $240 per household, for the year as a whole.

The discount is even greater for E15, a 15 percent ethanol blend that is approved for more than 95 percent of the cars and trucks on the road today. According to E15prices.com, the national average retail price of E15 has been $0.35 per gallon less than E10 this year (the differential stood at $0.38 on November 16). If E15 were adopted nationwide, it would reduce household spending on gasoline by $47 billion this year, or almost $370 per household. And, as recently noted by EIA, E15 helped keep a lid on pump prices in the summer of 2022, as the market faced tight fuel supplies and record-high prices.

There are many things for which Americans can be thankful at this time of year—one of those is ethanol, which lowers prices at the pump and is better for the environment. The U.S. ethanol industry is proud to help make it more affordable for families to gather together for Thanksgiving this year.