Pinal Energy to trademark Arizona E85

By Susanne Retka Schill | January 04, 2010
Posted January 7, 2010

Pinal Energy LLC is launching a branded E85 product in the regional market under the trademarks Arizona E85TM and AZE85TM. The 55 MMgy ethanol plant in Maricopa, Ariz., is adding storage for the higher grade gasoline needed for blending E85 along with metering equipment for inline blending. "We're making modifications to make E85 at our plant and we wanted to come out with our own trademark to differentiate ourselves," said General Manager John Skelly.

Pinal Energy expects to sell its branded E85 in the regional market through its sister company, Pinal Jet. "We think as the newer models come out, E85 will be getting more of the market share," Skelly said. The Tuscon, Ariz., area already has around a dozen retail E85 pumps, while Phoenix just has three or four. "We're a lot bigger city than Tuscon," he added. The plant at Maricopa is located about 30 miles south of Phoenix.

Pinal Energy plans to offer its trademarked E85 as low carbon fuels to local government, taxi and rental car fleets, as well as to retailers. "Our main selling point is that it's a cleaner burning fuel," Skelly said. "And it's a U.S. produced product." The first step in the branding process, filing for a trademark, is being completed now along with modifications at the plant. "We are currently working on a marketing plan."