Delta-T purchased by Applied Process Tech

By Holly Jessen | January 04, 2010
Posted Feb. 5, 2010

Applied Process Technology International LLC, a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of Bateman Litwin N.V., has purchased the assets of Delta-T Corp. for the minimum bid of $2.2 million. Delta-T, a well-known ethanol process technology and construction firm, has ceased all operations, according to Dave Hughes, president and general manager of Applied Process Technology.

Delta-T went on the auction block Jan. 29. Up for sale was the company's intellectual property of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade names, drawings and pending applications; the furniture, equipment and office supplies; and all Delta-T inventories. There were no other qualified bidders, Hughes said.

Bateman Litwin purchased Delta-T for $45 million in 2007. At that time, Rob Swain became CEO of Delta-T and Bibb Swain, founder and chairman of Delta-T, was to help the company accelerate the development of new technologies, according to a 2007 press release. At the time of the sale, the Swains were no longer involved with the company.

Applied Process Technology will be based out of Williamsburg, Va., in the same office space Delta-T was in, Hughes told EPM. The company will continue to work in the ethanol industry, on technologies for fuel-grade ethanol, including cellulosic ethanol, as well as high purity alcohol and beverage grade ethanol. "Our overwhelming focus is going to be the current business that we bought from Delta-T," Hughes said. " We're working with a number of customers in all those areas right now."

The new company offered employment to existing Delta-T employees. "The large majority of them have accepted and are now working for Applied Process Technology," Hughes said, adding that that's around 32 or 33 employees. Hughes himself was previously vice president of operations for Delta-T, he said.

According to what's posted at, all creditor inquiries should be sent to Roussos, Lassiter, Glanzer & Marcus, P.L.C., Crown Center, Suite 300, 580 East Main Street (23510), P.O. Box 3127, Norfolk, VA 23514-3127, Attn: Robert V. Roussos. Other inquiries can be sent to Delta-T Corporation, 5251-18 John Tyler Hwy., Box # 368, Williamsburg, VA.

Bateman Litwin, according to the company's Web site, is a supplier of technology, engineering, procurement and project management services to the world's oil and gas, power, renewable energy, minerals and process industries. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.