Pennsylvania ethanol plant now producing

By Holly Jessen | January 04, 2010
Posted Feb. 8, 2010

Bionol Clearfield LLC, a 110 MMgy ethanol plant in Clearfield, Pa., is up and running, according to Roger Schmidt, general manager. The plant was undergoing performance testing on Feb. 8. "We are at or near 100 percent right now," he told EPM.

Bionol was constructed by Fagen Inc. with ICM Inc. technology. Plant construction was mainly completed in November, Schmidt said. The plant began accepting corn on Dec. 11 and by Dec. 30 had produced its first ethanol.

For its corn supply, the ethanol plant has an agreement with Lansing Trade Group, which is headquartered in Overland Park, Kan. Currently, up to 75 percent of its corn is off trucks coming from Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, Schmidt said. The remaining corn supply is coming in by rail. That could change, depending on which method of transportation has the most favorable basis.

Bionol is the first commercial-scale plant in Pennsylvania. The corn based plant might not be in the Corn Belt but it is located in what the company considers a gateway to blending terminals in New York. "We are just starting to break into that marketplace," he said.

As of April 1, Getty Petroleum Marketing will take over marketing the facility's ethanol. The companies have a five-year agreement, he said. The distillers grains will be marketed by Land O'Lakes.