Land O'Lakes to market Osage barley DDGS

By Luke Geiver | February 09, 2010
Posted Feb. 24, 2010

Osage Bio Energy, a biofuels producer based in Virginia, has partnered with Land O'Lakes Purina Feed to market a new coproduct made from its barley-to-ethanol operations. Appomattox Bio Energy in Hopewell, Va., the first commercial scale barley-to-ethanol plant in the U.S., will be completed in late spring and when it's done, Osage will begin marketing the distillers grains coproduct as barley protein meal (BPM).

The Hopewell facility will use a specialized milling technique that removes the hulls from the barley. The absence of the hull thus reduces the fiber content and concentrates the protein and starch. During the fermentation process, the plant will use special enzymes to convert any waxy beta-glucans present in the barley into ethanol to stop the beta-glucans from entering into the BPM. To preserve the protein and amino acids in the coproduct, the facility will also cut the drying time down using new ring dryers, according to information provided by Osage, and the hulls from the barley will be pelletized on-site.

"We think barley protein meal is an attractive new animal feed ingredient," Ashton Cullum, director of grain and product merchandising said. "And, (we) look forward to introducing it to the marketplace when our first plant comes online this year." The BPM will hit the marketplace roughly 6-8 weeks after the 65 MMgy plant begins operations, and Land O'Lakes Purina Feeds merchandising manager Darian Carpenter, believes the coproduct will benefit both domestic and international markets for two reasons, demand and limited availability of a non genetically modified product.

The facility will produce close to 250,000 tons of the BPM per year and will process 30 million bushels of barley annually. Carpenter anticipates the product will be used for numerous customers. "Dairy, poultry and swine customers domestically and internationally will enjoy using barley protein meal."