Fuel dispenser UL approved for E25

By Holly Jessen | February 09, 2010
Posted March 15, 2010

Dresser Wayne announced March 15 that its Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser is now certified by Underwriter Laboratories for blends up to E25. The dispenser is a product the company has already been selling. "Our Eco Fuel dispenser is in use across North America and is designed to handle the higher blends without modifications," said Scott Negley, Director of Alternative Energy Products at Dresser Wayne.

The company is also waiting UL approval on a blender pump certified for E85. "This flexible, robust blending design allows retailers for the first time, to pump blended products from two hoses at the same fueling point," according to a statement from the company. "Dual hose blending enables separation of low- and high-blend ethanol products and allows retailers to offer a range of fuel grade options based on their customers' vehicle compatibility and existing ethanol supply logistics."

The Renewable Fuels Association acknowledged that the fuel dispenser certification was a boost to the industry. "With EPA expected to approve 15 percent ethanol blends sometime this year, this announcement provides some comfort to gas station owners facing increased ethanol blending," said Robert White, RFA's director of development. "Likewise, it provides comfort to stations looking to install blender pump technology offering a wide range of blends from 10 up to 85 percent."

Still, the organization indicated that what the industry needs and is waiting for is a dispenser that is UL certified for E85. "While this move by UL is helpful, certification of a dispenser for up to 85 percent ethanol is critical to expanding both the infrastructure for and the use of high level ethanol blends," White said.