La. Web site connects landowner, producers

By Luke Geiver | April 15, 2010
Posted April 27, 2010

A new Web site that provides a matching service between biofuels producers and landowners has been launched in Louisiana. The site, offers a forum for users to create potential biofuel-based projects or to attract investors into the state. "There is a need for ethanol fodder crops in Louisiana and the entire nation," said Kevin Caffery, managing partner for Kafiristan LLC, the company responsible for the site. The hope for the service of the site, said Caffery, is to provide a place that includes everything that is available in the state, and to provide a database of contact information. "It was also developed to give as many farmers and investors the ability to participate in the imminent ethanol revolution," Caffery said.

Partnering with Kent and Jed Himel, who run Himel Motor Supply in Louisiana, Caffery hopes the site will grow to a national level. For $10, anyone can create an account for three years that will include access to a database that features landowners, non-landowners, leaseholders and non-farm landowners. "Louisiana has tremendous potential," said Matt Hartwig, communications director for the Renewable Fuels Association. "It would make sense for Louisiana to develop a biofuels industry of its own."

The site features phrases indicating that Louisiana can develop a biofuels industry with statements such as, "Don't let your land be left out of the ethanol industry chain because the people making the decisions don't know you want in," or, "Don't think you can't produce and sell ethanol fodder crops because no ethanol plants is currently near you." Ten percent of the revenue earned from the site will go towards a consortium of universities in Louisiana for ethanol feedstock and production research, said Caffery.