Kawartha Ethanol begins production in Ontario

By Kris Bevill | January 31, 2011

After four years of construction, Kawartha Ethanol Inc. has finally completed its first ethanol plant in Havelock, Ontario, and is operating at capacity, according to process technology provider Applied Process Technology International LLC. The $47 million project, which received financial support from the Canadian and Ontario provincial governments, will take in approximately 8 million bushels of corn to produce 80 million liters (about 21 MMgy) of ethanol annually.

APTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bateman Litwin N.V. and specializes in providing process technology to ethanol producers. The Williamsburg, Va., company acquired Delta-T Corp.’s process technology last year for about $2.2 million and utilizes that technology as well as new technology it has designed. Kawartha has previously been a Delta-T customer, so APTI took over the project and assisted with the final construction and start-up of the facility, said David Hughes, APTI president and general manager. “We are pleased that APTI’s start-up team of engineers, working with Kawartha’ production staff, achieved operating rates in excess of 110 percent during the first month of production,” he said. “APTI ethanol process designs allow for flexibility of operations, including process efficiencies and higher outputs by our clients.”

Hughes said the delayed start-up of Kawartha’s plant, which is locally owned by a group of farmer and local business people, were related to the construction company and had nothing to do with the process technology. The plant’s general manager, Paul Paszt, admitted the project endured a lengthy construction process, but declined to immediately provide additional comments, stating that the current focus is on operating the facility.

APTI is currently working with Aventine Renewable Energy Inc. to start-up its 100 MMgy facilities in Mount Vernon, Ind., and Aurora, Neb. Hughes said the Mount Vernon plant will soon be operating at 100 percent capacity while the Aurora plant should begin finalizing its operations in March.